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Saturday, March 06, 2010

I cut a hole in my church today!

Really! I took a vibration saw and cut a hole in a wall at our church today! It was a really small hole, just large enough for a new wall switch, and that was after I cut a hole in a ceiling tile but somehow cutting a hole in a wall seemed like a big deal this afternoon.

Several members of our congregation built a large moasaic art piece over the past months and last week I helped get it installed on the wall in the entry way. Today I hung a decorative spotlight to highlight the mosaic. The finished project looks really nice.

The project did take one phone call to my dad in Florida- he does many more light installations than I do, and he gave me the right answers while I was standing on a ladder connecting wires and everything went together beautifully except that one of the sockets didn't work...

Hooverdamm! I tried switching bulbs around but that didn't have any effect so I'll have to go back and try and see if the socket needs repair or replacing. But for tomorrow, the moasaic is finished- framed and lit and I hope everyone likes it.

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